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, because of barack obama, washington is broken. they have proven nearly incapable of solving the most basic problems facing america. i think it is time to send a lot of these issues to the 30 governors in our country, the republican governors in our country, that have proven the ability to solve big problems, balanced budgets, speak to republicans, democrats, independents. have had great success and our party. unfortunately, we sometimes do a lousy job of bragging about it but there is a shining star in louisiana and somebody who will be a great partner moving forward and making sure we win a big race in new jersey and a big race in virginia and the head of that effort and a partner of mine moving forward is the great governor of louisiana, please welcome to the republican national committee, governor bobby jindal. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> thank you all, very much. thank you for that warm welcome. thank you for that generous introduction and thank you all for your leadership here, for our party, for the entire country. i understand you've got a barn burner of a collection of your
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marijuana. two states, colorado and washington state support legalization. president obama admits that he got high and smoke. and now he is locking people up for doing what he did. >> he thinks it's funny that he got away with it and it's ruining other people's lives. the federal government should never been involved in this area. john: what is ruining other people's lives? >> they are getting locked up and prosecuted for the things that he did and he thinks it's funny. he is in charge to make sure that those institutions go forward. the federal government should have no involvement. let the state to represent the people that make those decisions on their own. >> the president did also say that he has bigger fish to fry than people smoking a joint in colorado. so we will see. >> what they want is to create a nation of criminals and unsure of who will be prosecuted. they do it not only with marijuana and drug policy, but all areas create we get so much over criminalization is creating homes for all of us. john: let's talk about guns. since the connecticut school shooting, there is a new dr
to support an assault weapons ban. tara mergenner, cbs news, washington. >>> president obama is also expected to go on the road and campaign for gun control. >>> thousands against abortion are on the national mall and the stems of the supreme court, maaing the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. the annual march for life is a rallying cry for people strongly against abortion. former republican, rick santorum, is expected to speak at the rally today. supporters of roe v. wade were there and they held a counter- rally. this happens to be file footage from last year's march. >>> those still struggling to recover from hurricane sandy three months later hope to get help from capitol hill. on monday the senate will vote whether to provide $50 billion in emergency relief. the senate passed this bill last year but must vote against since the house passed the bill in the 113th congress. >>> jurors return to a school parking lot in culpeper where a former police officer allegedly killed a woman. with maps and note pads, all 12 jurors and alternates fanned out to inspect the scene. former culpepper pol
tiene un punto de partida, este martes en su primer viaje fuera de washington el presidente obama pronunciarÁ un discurso sobre como piensa legalizar a millones de indocumentados, el anuncio lo harÁ en las vegas, y esto esta generando grandes expectativas. >>> el martes en las vegas el presidente obama redoblarÁ el esfuerzo de trabajar con el congreso para arreglar el quebrado sistema migratorio este aÑo. confirmÓ la casa blanca hoy. a la vez un grupo bipartidista impulsara esto. y esta vez espera que sea un esfuerzo de ambos partidos. >>> el presidente cree que no es un esfuerzo partidista, sino algo correcto para la economÍa, tiene interÉs de hablar de esto la semana prÓxima. no hay excusas para demoras dijo el presidente obama a miembros de la comisiÓn hispana del congreso. el congresista gutiÉrrez estuvo presente. >>> creo que va a articular cuales son los principios y la manera en la que quiere ver una legislaciÓn, le digo que no hay diferencia de posiciÓn. >>> no habÍa espacios entre los principios del caucus y su posiciÓn. el senador shuman dijo que los princi
detalles desde washington. >> el presidente obama habÍa dicho que concluida la ceremonia se moviliza para impulsar la reforma "migra" fri. hoy dÍa se reuniÓ con 7 miembros del concilio de legisladores hispanos para coordinar los esfuerzoss a quienes asegurÓ que es nÚmero 1 entre sus prioridades. el congresista luis gutiÉrrez dijo estar feliz con el encuentro que apuntÓ y fue productivo. Él entiende que es un acuerdo y estar dispuesta a trabajar y asegurar el acuerdo dando todo lo que necesita. desde la casa blanca. >> el martes que viene viajarÁ a las vegas nevada un estado con poblaciÓn latina los hispanos ahÍ mostraron su apoyo al mandatario confiado dp un segundo mandato cumple con su promesa y es donde pronuncia el primer discurso del aÑo en inmigraciÓn. >> estamos esperando participaciÓn con el presidente con fuerza en el asunto migratorio. y lo podemos hacer en cualquier momento. >> enhorabuena que es mÁs pronto clo q de lo que esperÁbamos, volvera a impulsar los mismoss principios que habÍa presentado. >> con el presidente y todo. >> declarÓ el portavoz presidencia
majority leader harry reid said a full senate vote will take place on tuesday. in washington today, president obama pledges tough enforcement of new wall street regulations. his two latest cavan nominations include mary jo white to be the head of the securities and exchange commission. she specializes in prosecuting white-collar crimes, terrace, and even brought down john gawdy. -- brought down john gotti. >> still ahead, lucky in love. >> is even better to be a super ravens couple. one some sweethearts are even more excited about saying i do. >> who is your favorite child? the tough question posed to the hearts of parents. >> the doppler shows more snow headed this way. the forecast is coming up. each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >> you can now be part of the ravens sendoff crew, and send them off in super bowl style. the city is preparing a rally that will be held at the inner harbor amphitheater. it all officially starts monday morning at 11:30
obama [applause] because of barack obama, washington is broken. they've proven nearly incapable of solving the most basic problems facing america. so i think it's time to send a lot of these issues to the 30 governors in our country, the republican governors in our country that is proven the ability to solve the problems, balance budgets, speak to republicans, democrats, independents. we've had great success in our parties. unfortunately sometimes we do a lousy job bragging about it, but there's a shining star in louisiana and somebody said it's going to be a great partner moving forward in making sure we win a big race in new jersey in a big race in virginia and the head of that effort and a partner of mine moving forward is a great governor of louisiana, please welcome to the republican national committee, governor bobby jindal. [cheers and applause] clap back >> thank you are very, very much for that welcome. thank you for that generous introduction. thank you for your leadership your software party, rnc commentary country. i understand you got a barn burner of an election co
. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell. somebody can kidnap us. live in washington where president obama just named his advisor denis mcdonough to run the white house from now owner where republicans are meeting in charlotte and planning a revival of the grand ole party. more on that in a moment. more for our daily fix. david gregory, moderator of "meet the press," nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker and justice correspondent pete williams. a loot going on all fronts. denis mcdonough, and news out of the white house on the secret service skrefgs in cart hana. >> that's right. andrea, well, i'll first start with the breaking news. according to a source from the hill and also law enforcement source the inspector general has finished its report on the secret service scandal and specifically the secret service's own investigation into that scandal. we are told that that report will be sent to the hill a little later on today. it includes the agency did implement proper reforms. that is what we are being told at this point in time, but, again, andrea, this is developing. there are a
. >>> a federal appeals court says president barack obama violated the constitution. the u.s. court in washington says he did not have the power to make recess appointments to the national labor relations board early last year. president obama claims he acted properly because the senate was away for the holidays. the court says the senate was technically in session since lawmakers held so-called pro forma sessions. >>> exxonmobil has dethroned apple as the world's most valuable company. apple stock fell since earnings reports on wednesday. it fell to $442 today for a market capitalization of $415.6 billion. it followed a 12% drop yesterday. exxon gained 10 cents today with a market capitalization of $417 billion. >>> the fate of drakes bay oyster company could be decided. they are is using the government after the permit to use the point reyes national seashore expired in november. the judge will decide whether to allow the company to operate while the case is heard. >>> mountain lions may be saved who wander too far into our neighborhoods. cbs
. and then the sheriff vowing to defie president obama's gun laws. i have a few questions for him. >>> and he missed the inauguration. but willard is in washington today. and he made some news. there's a big friday show coming, so stay with us. ♪ even this i can stand ♪ i want to keep you any way i can ♪ ♪ ain't too proud to beg, sweet darling ♪ ♪ don't leave me girl ♪ don't you go ♪ ain't to proud to please baby ♪ ♪ please don't leave me girl ♪ don't you go ♪ oh, oh, oh . >>> have you joined the "politics nation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. we asked our facebook fans to give advice to republicans on how they can stop being the stupid party, as bobby jindal suggested. sydney said it's time to care about others. dred says the gop needs to explain how their big business views can help the average man if they can. joy says start by helping the mirn people, which is what you were e lelected to do. we want to hear your advice, too. please head over to facebook and join "politics nation" and like us to follow the conversation that keeps going long after the show
to defie president obama's gun laws. i have a few questions for him. >>> and he missed the inauguration. but willard is in washington today. and he made some news. there's a big friday show coming, so stay with us. ♪ even this i can stand ♪ i want to keep you any way i can ♪ ♪ ain't too proud to beg, sweet darling ♪ ♪ don't leave me girl ♪ don't you go ♪ ain't to proud to please baby ♪ ♪ please don't leave me girl ♪ don't you go ♪ oh, oh, oh looer nobody insures more bikes than progressive. do you guys ride? well... no. sometimes, yeah. yes. well, if you know anybody else who also rides, send them here -- we got great coverage. it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. aarrggh! . >>> have you joined the "politics nation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. we asked our facebook fans to give advice to republicans on how they can stop being the stupid party, as bobby jindal suggested. sydney said it's time to care a
support outside the beltway. in washington, jennifer davis, fox news. >>> president obama named his newest chief of staff today. dennis mcdonough becoming the fifth person to hold the position. 's been an advisor on foreign policy for several years for the president and served as deputy national security officer. the president says he has played a key role in every major national security decision during his presidency. >> man be the war in iraq to winding down the war in afghanistan, from our response to natural disasters around the world like haiti and the sue tsunami in japan to the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, to countless crises in between day and night. >> he replaces jack lou who recently appointed treasury secretary. mcdonough does not need senate confirmation. >>> a senate appeals package ruled the president violated the the president did not have the power to make three recess appointments to the national labor relations board last year because the senate was in session and not in recess at the time. the white house had no comment on the ruling but is expected to appeal. if t
are now back up along with the number of applications for building permits. >>> in washington, president obama sent wall street a message that he plans to put more pressure on rule breakers by appointing former federal prosecutor mary jo white to head the securities and exchange commission. the president also praised leaders in the senate for approving changes in the senate rules last night to reduce political gridlock. a bill was also introduced in the senate thursday to ban assault weapons. >>> major changes to school athletic programs could be on the way. department of education is telling schools that students with disabilities must be included in sports programs or an equal alternative must be provi provided. >>> mark zuckerberg has a friend in chris christie, facebook ceo is hosting a political fund-raiser in his california home last next month for the new jersey governor. is he up for re-election this fall. a spokesperson says zuckerberg and his wife admire christie on his education policies. he donated $100 million to schools. >>> imagine who will get lance's seven titles from th
of the things that we have heard from washington is that as the obama campaign turns its campaign apparatus into a political effort to try to marshal support for some of the president's political priorities, they may try to work on this issue. they may essentially try to turn their campaign apparatus loose on both immigration reform and on the issue of gun reform. do you think that this is the kind of issue on which a grassroots effort like that could be particularly effective? >> it's the only way that this gets done in the end. listen, i wish this weren't about politics, but it is, right? this is ultimately going to really come down to a question for republicans in the house of representatives. i think we can get something strong through the senate. but in the house republicans are going to have to decide whether they're going to pay a political price for standing with the gun manufacturers and against millions of families across this country who want to get this done. so we are going to need a massive national grassroots effort, and we are also going to have to make republicans understan
counts as a serious person in washington because you cannot be a serious person in washington according to the beltway unless you want to get rid of those programs or at least you see those programs as a problem that needs to be addressed. president obama in his inaugural not only name-checked medicare and social security in a positive way, defended them. he said he will support them and that they are good for the country. the only people other than a liberal like barack obama who likes social security and medicare is everybody. really, it's only in washington where these are controversial programs. if you ask the country, the country's kind of in love with social security and medicare and thinks that they work and thinks that we should not cut them. broadly speaking, most americans do not call themselves liberals if you ask. but broadly speaking, most americans are in favor of liberal ideas. the marquee signifiers of liberal policy are broadly accepted as good ideas by most of the country. and that has been true for a long time. but the gears that you see clinking over each other, the
washington-- an ongoing scandal threatens to engulf barack obama's second term. >> big questions for beyonce. >> was beyonce singing live or just acting the national anthem? >> late today showbiz tonight confirmed that beyonce lip- synced that incredible rendition of the national anthem. >> there is so much going on regarding beyoncegate. >> anthemgate. >> beyoncegate. >> the latest on beyonce's lip gate. >> stephen: yes lip-gate. beyonce-gate. the crisis in lip-ya. beyonc-gazi. was there a second singer on the grassy knowles? [ laughter ] we're still working on it. we have a graphics package and everything eventually. [ laughter ] folks, if beyonce lip-synced at obama's inaugural, do you know what that means? if so, please write in because i'd love to know why i'm so angry. [ laughter ] this comes as a heartbreaking allegation because we were all moved by ms. knowles' performance, none more so than joe biden. ♪ rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air [ laughter ] that man either loves this country very much, or chuck schumer just ripped one. [ laughter ] the american people were l
party. guest: i like body -- bobby jindal. people in the obama administration cleave bacon designed to help your system from scratch from washington. i would defend stupidity to some degree, but i think there has been an excess of it on the republican side in the past few years. i think bobby jindal -- the proof is in the pudding. he has been an incredible governor of a state that was not in good shape when he took over. republican governors, republican elected officials need to prove it that conservative policies work. host: reince priebus indicated that he is authorizing an autopsy, in trying to figure out what happened last november. what happened? what would you check out -- what would you tell the chairman of the and art critic of the rnc? guest: i would say do not panic. barack obama 1 -- won the financial crisis in 20 -- 2008. it is not as if we're talking ronald reagan in 1984. republicans have the house. they did not do as well as they might have done. the economy was a little bit better than republicans assumed. they're wrong to think that they could make it a referendum o
relationship between washington and london. >> thank you very much. >> to washington now where u.s. senator john kerry is president obama's choice for the next secretary of state. he has been quizzed by senators ahead of his recommendation. >> the issues like climate change and fighting disease are also priorities. he's expected to easily win approval for the job from the senate. to syria where authorities have called for a million-man prayer at mosques on friday in an effort to stem anti-regime demonstrations. >> the embattled president was also shown on state television praying with syria's spiritual leader to mark the birthday of the prophet mohammad. the fighting around damascus and other cities continues. a french woman who faced 60 years in a mexican jail on kidnapping charges is back in france. >> the 38-year-old was welcomed in paris by relatives and supporters. a mexican supreme court ruling on wednesday found that local police violated her human rights during their original investigation seven years ago when she was convicted and jailed for helping her husband run a kidnapping rin
for building permits. >>> in washington, president obama sent wall street a message that he plans to put more pressure on rule breakers but appointing former prosecutor mary jo white to head the commission. approving changes in senate rules last night to reduce political gridlock. the bill was also introduced to ban assault weapons. >>> manti te'o says the voice he received from an imaginary online girlfriend the night she supposedly died convinced him she was real and dying from leukemia. >> i just want to say i love you and good night. and i'll be okay tonight. love you so much, hon. sweet dreams. >> reporter: he said he set aside any doubts that the girlfriend could be a hoax because he felt she needed his emotional support. >>> federal investigators say the boeing 787 dreamliner battery that caught fire earlier this month in boston showed evidence of short circuiting, and a chemical reaction that can cause temperature increases. however, they say it's not clear what came first or what caused either problem. the faa has grounded all six dreamliners operated by u.s. carriers after another b
would see the effort by a returning to responsible fiscal policy. john: if washington was serious. the president looks seriously he is not. he ignores what he said seven years ago. senator obama said this it took 42 president's 224 years to run up $1 trillion of foreign debt to but this administration did that in five years. he was right. but no obama's administration ran up another $6 trillion. how was that possible? barack obama at believed this. >> barack obama has a debt problem into increase the debt limit. >> but president demands congress raise the debt limit without condition. i want the old obama back. then to one scares the heck out of me. by a fear he will bankrupt the country. we will be back next week. [applause] nearly a dozen of those weapons on display at the news conference, including the so-called assault weapon used by the newtown, connecticut, shooter, atlanta. the senators placed the blame not on that young man with serious mental illness was left untreated, but rather on gun laws. >> weaken gun laws allow these mass killings to be carried out again and again.
with applications for building permits. >>> in washington, president obama sent wall street a message that he plans to put more pressure on rule breakers by appointing federal prosecutor mary jo white to head the exchange commission. he also made rules to loosen the political gridlock. >>> manti te'o said the voice message he received from an on-line girlfriend the night before she supposedly died convinced him she was real and that she was dying from leukemia. >> i just wanted to say i love you and good night, and i'll be okay tonight. i love you so much, hun. sweet dreams. >> te'o said he set aside any thoughts that the girl could be a hoax because he said she needed his emotional support. >>> federal investigators said the boeing 787 dreamliner battery that caught fire earlier this month in bostonshort-circud a chemical reaction that can cause short increases. the faa has grounded all six dreamliners operated by other carriers after another battery failure forced an emergency landing in japan. >>> now for a look at what is trending today. a quick look at what has you talking on line. sports fans
and not top down politically and t artificially from washington. if what obama was proposing was a great idea, this should be the most prosperous economy in the world. republicans heard jindal say we're going to do something new and turn that model on its head and grow the economy bottom up. that's how republicans get young people, women, immigrants, everybody. >> one of the things that mitt romney got into trouble with is that it really did sound like he was being degrading to african-americans, latinos and people who supported the president by saying the kinds of things that you just said in terms of being a victim and being taken care of. how does the republican party -- what is the message here in terms of we are inclusive and we will provide for your life so that it is a better life without sounding so condescending? >> i'll disagree. i don't think that's what i just said. i think that is in fact the president's approach to government that in a complex world, you know, he targets these folks. this is the story of julia cradle to crave, government is here to give you stuff and help y
that it will take a stand of unity to fight president obama. can the gop in washington now develop those things? guest: i don't think we can assume there will be unity. you should not just cast a vote for the sake of unity. there are some issues where you can have unity, on procedural votes. i think people can modify their views for the sake of unity. i agree with what peggy says. when the president said you did not build that, that was correctly jumped on. i think the romney response was mistaken at. the romney response was i did build it. the ones who built it was us. i'm all for celebrating our entrepreneurs, they contribute a lot to the country, but they also have a ton of people who work for them and with them. you have a lot of americans who don't get up and the morning and say i want to be steve jobs or bill gates. they say i want to go to work and do a good job for my employer and i hope to move up in the company and support my family and i hope my kids to better than i will and i contribute to my church and my community, i am a nurse or a soldier or a teacher or cop, or private-sector
. from inside the "washington times" -- >> we will take you lik to the white house. president obama and a couple of minutes will announce his national security aide denis mcdonough will become his fifth chief of staff. he has advised the president on foreign policy for nearly a decade, serving as the president of beauty national security advisor. -- deputy national security advisor. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by esther jacob lew and mr. denis mcdonough. >> thank you. thank you, everybody. please, everybody, have a seat. good afternoon, everybody. welcome to the announcement of one of the worst kept secrets in washington. as president, i rely on a team of men and women here at the white house every day. i rely on my chief of staff to keep up with them and our entire government. making sure we are moving in the same direction. making sure that my priorities are being carried out in our policies are consistent with the commitments i have made to the american people and we are delivering progress to the american people. i could not be more gr
southwests secretary. as a reminder, a new poll by the washington post and abc news finds 53% of americans support the gun safety measures proposed by president obama, and nearly six in ten voters support an assault weapons ban, including 45% of gun owning households. joining us now from washington is a survivor of the virginia tech shooting and assistant director of federal legislation for the brady campaign, colin goddard. colin, it is always great to see you. before we start our conversation, i should note we are expecting the president to announce some personnel appointments, including that of dennis mcdonough at 12:10, and we will cut to that when it happens. first, colin, you are in many ways, my friend, the star of the white house push towards gun safety reform. don't think we didn't notice when the vice president name-checked you as the president announced his proposals. as you are at the center of the beating heart of this thing, i want to know what you make of the renewed talk about the assault weapons ban. i think a lot of people thought it wasn't going to happen. the fact that
. >> obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy. >> jennifer: that mitt romney attack ad received four pinocchios from the "washington post" fact checker. but stewart stephens sent a letter to the fact checker asking for a do over. well, the fact checker did, and he reaffirmed his position saying . . . four more pinocchios for you bud. the facts won't change. so for pete's sake let it go. in other buzz worthy news president obama had an uninvited guest at a recent press conference. >> i'm dominating mary joe white, and -- this guy is bothering me here. >> jennifer: a reuter's paragrapher was able to capture the little sucker as he landed smack in the middle of the first forehead. the swatter in chief is not to be trifled with. >> nice. now, where were we? that was pretty impressive wasn't it? i got the sucker. >> jennifer: and finally, up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane! no it'sbooker. he has done it again. this time saving man's best friend. the mayor received this tweet from a concerned citizen and tv reporter saying make pet owners get their dogs out of th
of washington. >> that really has been critical. let's stay on washington for a moment. president obama nominating mary jo white as the s.e.c. chairman. what's your take on her? >> i don't know mary jo personally. but i know her by reputation. her reputation is outstanding. she's going to come in at a very important time. there are lots of issues that have to be dead with immediately. we've enjoyed a close working relationship with chris cox and mary shapiro. >> the regulation has gotten harder for financial services. what's your take on the regulatory environment. it seems the financial services over the last couple of decades has been riding a wave of positives. deregulation, globalization. going forward economies are looking inward and regulation is only getting tougher. >> a lot of those customers you're talking about are our biggest customers, a lot of those financial institutions. as long as they are going to be facing a head wind like that, you see a cut on volume, too. they have fewer strategies they're carrying out because of all the capital charges. what i heard yesterday that
, a discussion on race and president obama's term. hosted by the new america foundation and the washington monthly magazine. live coverage is at 10:00 a.m. eastern. later, live coverage of the republican national committee winter meeting. our coverage begins at 1:00 pm eastern. >> one of the key themes for any exhibition on the civil war is abolition and emancipation. we are fortunate that those men came of age when they did. they make issues around the emancipation and abolition issues around human rights and american freedom on a general non-race specific level. i will go through every piece of information that johnson was in this paper -- picture. if you pay attention to the top half as well as the bottom half, you will get a dark skinned black woman holding a white child. there is a ladder and a bolt of fabric coming out the other window. there is a rooster appear. roosters have a habit in the evening of finding a perch and call into the hands to spend the night with him. the hen is on top of the slate orders. if you add all of the inns and outs and look down here at the white girl ans
be so much to say, look, president obama won by hundreds of thousands of votes in virginia. why could you do this? >> luke, that remains the to be seen. "the washington post" is reporting that virginia's senate will be acting on this legislation as early as next week. we'll look to see. reince priebus, the rnc chairman, who's supposed to be re-elected as rnc chairman was interviewed a few weeks ago where he said, look, i think some of the states that are proposing this is a pretty good idea, although he says that the rnc doesn't have the final word on this, it will be interesting to see what other republican leaders have to say. because at the end of the day, this is looking like republicans want to change the rule because they're realize or are acknowledgining they can't win over the current season. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out. mark murray, appreciate it. >>> the markets are giving treasury secretary tim geithner quite a sendoff on his last day in off, that is today. the dow and s&p are either hitting or close to multi-year highs. cnbc's becky quick joins me now
. if you stand u tnited on the principles, you cannot accomplish a thing if you continue to allow obama and the democrats to divide you. my advice to all of you in washington, i hope you're hearing me, get in a room, remember your principles, unite, fight, that's why we the people, that's why we elected you and the first thing you republicans need to stand united on the second amendment, because today in one of the most brazen attempts to limit our second amendment rights, democratic lawmakers unveiled what they're calling the assault weapons ban of 2013. make no mistake about it, this sweeping anti-gun measure is not aimed at taking away rambo's machine gun, this proposal places considerable restrictions on rifles, on handguns and shotguns. in other words, in short, this is not bill clinton's 1994 assault weapons ban. this is senator dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban of 2013. listen to this. >> today my colleagues and i are introducing a bill to prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that can accept
congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. good to have you with us. you have to be impressed that president bush and president obama are tied in the ways in which they have divided the american people. that's impressive. >> i am not surprised assault. we have seen a series of swing elections where the voters are sort of throwing the bums out because they are not happy with their performance. it just results in us getting polarized factions in congress and in the white house. look, president obama ran on a liberal agenda, and that is what he talked about during his inaugural speech. nothing surprising, but the voters keep electing candidates who are polar opposites from one election to the other. lou: the point did you make of it is interesting because instead of throwing the bonds of both men were reelected as a result of the atmosphere, i guess, in part of their fourth year. that is quite a disconnect. >> well, i think that what it shows is that the american people are not listening to what the objectors are saying about the other party or about the candidate. you know, for
, the feeling here is the u.s. could help hold up the rest of the world if washington could get out of the way. >> is president obama the problem or do you think the party itself? >> this is an election that republicans are upset about because they feel like they could have warned. >> the search engine that's searching you. google is handing over more information about its users to law enforcement. >> you are suggesting that law enforcement officials with access to e-mails is always going to exercise perfect discretion? >> i would say that's definitely not true. >> right now the worst air in the country is hovering over salt lake city utah. >> if you can see it you probably don't want to be breathing it. >> manti te'o defended himself before a national television audience. there's words of yet another twist. >> turns tout practical joker who posed as manti te'o's girlfriend was a man who used a high fall set toe voice. this time i think adam sandler has gone too far. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a week of icy weather is giving
in the situation room during the bin laden raid. he goes back to the senate days with obama. he replaces jack lew, nominated to run the treasury department. >>> mitt romney, who has disappeared from public life since the election, was spotted today having surfaced in washington. he and his wife were saluted by the marriott corporation. his staff did not allow any media at the event. he will also attend the annual bipartisan alfalfa club dinner saturday night. >>> with the president now six days into his second term, a whole lot of republicans across this country are thinking about how things might have turned out differently. especially if the rules for electing presidents were different. the argument goes this way. the way the electoral college works is outdated, and it's about time those rules were changed. our report tonight from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: if republican proposals in key states to change the way we elect the president are approved and applied nationwide, this week's inaugural would have looked like this. mitt romney would be president. despite losing the popular vote t
dislikes washington and disdains office politics and bureaucracy. they say her dream job would be commissioner of major league baseball or fbi director. she was considered for that latter post before president obama picked white, one of this generation's best prosecutors, to police wall street. the first woman u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, white led prosecution teams that convicted mob boss john gotti, a vicious mob killer who had escaped prosecution by tampering with juries. white kept her jury anonymous and sequestered. she built the best set of terrorism prosecutors in america, convicting the blind sheik for conspiracy to bomb the united nations and other new york landmarks. she also convicted ramsey youseff for the 1993 world trade center bombing. and she was on osama bin laden's trail before anyone, indicting the al qaeda leader for the deaths of 18 u.s. soldiers in somalia in 1993, charges that later included the 1998 bombings embassies in kenya and tanzania. >> so i'd say that's a pretty good run. you don't want to mess with mary jo. mary jo does n
down here in washington. a lovely sight for those of us who like snow. i do. president obama begins the push for immigration reform in las vegas next week. lisa sylvester is monitoring that. the other top stories in "the situation room," what's the latest, lisa? >> aids to the president said they will sketch out his plans and improving border security in cracking down on employers who hire undocumented workers. the most controversial part of the plan is creating a passion way to citizenship for illegal immigrants. he is expected to get more specifics in the state of the union address. a cia officer will spend 30 months in proven for revealing the identity of an agent. his own attorney admitted he was thoughtless in leaking the administration. that was betraying a solemn trust. mitt romney is in washington for the first time since last month's lunch. he and his wife are expected to attend the dinner by power brokers and business elite. president obama was at the dinner in 2009 and last year, but not clear if the president will be there tomorrow. he will receive the ipod award on may
office isn't asking for a total ban, but asking businesses to be responsible. >>> president obama's inauguration now behind us, but hold on, other presidents are still running around the bases. tomorrow, the washington nationals will make their own presidential announcement. the team is making a big change to its popular president race. andrew felter talked about the rumors today on news 4 midday. >> we'll announce a new president. and rumor has it that teddy has hand picked his successor there. >> when you say successor, i think teddy's out. he's not adding on -- >> well, you never know. but i expect teddy to be around for a while. he won his first race last year and i don't expect he's retiring his cleats just yet. >> the announcement will happen at nats fest, that begins noon tomorrow at the washington convention center. so if teddy stays, that would mean five running around, we could add another. >> good luck, mr. president. >>> we've got the snow covered this afternoon from virginia to the district and maryland. we'll go to prince georges county next where snowfall totals cou
abc news washington post poll shows that 53% of americans support the kinds of gun reforms that president obama has proposed so far. mark greenblatt, abc news, new york. >> thank you, mark. of course, the president signed several executive orders. that was the first salvo in all of this. now the tougher battle is capitol hill. she says it's a battle worth having. we'll see what happens once it hits capitol hill. >> i think most americans, especially after newtown, they do support some port of gun control, perhaps not an aggressive form of gun control. but something. so why wouldn't it at least be passable? >> if the public is for it, you think capitol hill would respond. from '94 to 2004 in this country, we had an assault weapons ban. and you listen to people who supported it they say it worked and had the effect. you listen to the nra and other folks who say it didn't work. i just want to see one final concrete, nonpartisan study that says did the one we did from '94 to 2004 really work? >> there was studies, though. >> there was, but they always say conflicting things. yo
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